Late Bloomers - Eveliina Nieminen - Äänikirja - 9789527144923


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“It was six weeks until Christmas. Mollie and Tyler were contemplating where to recharge this time. Last year was a success. They went on a tranformational retreat of the body and mind, in other words, a week of starvation combined with psychedelic drugs. Mollie had felt ecstatic having lost eight pounds in ten days.”

Late Bloomers is a collection of short stories about the endless drive for improvement, and the ways this can challenge the everyday. How can I become the best version of me?

Äänikirjan tiedot

  • Kirjailija: Eveliina Nieminen
  • Lukija: Eveliina Nieminen
  • Suomentaja:
  • Julkaisuvuosi: 2018
  • Kesto: 1 t 26 min
  • Koko: 153 Mt
  • Kieli: Suomi
  • Kustantamo: Kosmos
  • ISBN: 9789527144923



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